Worcester Play Council small grant awarded

We are delighted that the Worcester Play Council has awarded Malvern Special Families charity a small grant.

Malvern Special Families charity is pleased to announce that the Worcester Play Council has awarded us a grant of £150 to support our play activities.

Malvern Special Families provides clubs and play schemes for children and young people with disabilities in ‘out of school’ hours at venues in Worcester and Malvern.

The money from Worcester Play Council has been used to pay for:

  • 2 new wiggle cars for our clubs and play schemes. The wiggle cars are very popular with children at our clubs and are lots of fun. They also encourage our children and young people to play together and promote physical activity.
  • 2 leapfrog leapstart interactive learning systems and 2 leapfrog leapreader reading and writing systems – to help support early years ICT development through play as part of ICT Early Years learning at our clubs and play schemes.

We are proud to be a member of the Worcester Play Council. We are pleased to have been chosen as a worthwhile cause which deserves to benefit from a small grant to help our charity to develop and deliver play sessions for children aged 0-16 years. These grants are to support high quality and inclusive play, including: activities, resources, play schemes or events.

Thank you to the Worcester Play Council for their recent small grant to Malvern Special Families charity for £150.