Messages from Gareth Jones, CEO Malvern Special Families – latest 27 May

27th May 2020:

I hope you and your families are all safe and well. I know it has been a difficult time during these months of uncertainty and I continue to be impressed by the fortitude and resilience you are all showing. During the last 9 weeks many of you have let me know how vital you consider Malvern Special Families to be to the children and young people who attend our clubs and how much you miss MSF being open. I know you are all wondering if we will be open during the summer months and we are working very hard to work out how to offer a service at a particularly busy time for you all. Our wonderful staff team continue to ask after the children and cannot wait to re-open and continue with the engaging fun activities for which our clubs are known. I know now is the time you all normally receive booking forms with all the exciting sessions on offer and we look forward to the day when we can offer our full programmes once again. As you would expect the health and safety of the children, families and staff is my priority and as soon as I have concrete news about when and how we will reopen I will let you know. Our email addresses are below if you wish to contact us in the meantime.

Thank You

Gareth Jones C.E.O. Malvern Special Families.

8th April 2020:

To all Parents and Carers,

We appreciate how challenging these times are for you all. Some of you have paid in advance for clubs already and you will be able to be reimbursed or carry forward that money to play for the clubs when they re-open. Nobody will be charged for clubs that were cancelled. We will contact you so you can let us know what you would like to do. Even though our clubs are temporarily closed the unique community that is Malvern Special Families continues to thrive and it is humbling to see the messages of support you are sending to each other and to our team. Please contact me on if you are worried about anything. We are here to help.

Kind regards, Gareth

Gareth Jones, Chief Executive Officer

23rd March 2020

I know this is an extremely worrying time for everyone connected with Malvern Special Families: children, parents, carers, families and our staff team . We know the closure of all Malvern Special Families clubs has impacted greatly on all of you. I would like to thank each and everyone of you for the understanding and stoicism you have shown during this challenging time. Thank you to for all the messages of support you have sent to us it is hugely appreciated. We know you will have many questions and will continue to offer support and advice on the email addresses below.

Thank you

Gareth Jones C.E.O. Malvern Special Families

Caroline Conein Service Manager

Helen Link Administrator

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