Our History

Malvern Special Families began in 1988 when a group of parents who had children with special needs got together for mutual support and for their children to play together and socialise. Over the years we have grown and we became a registered charity in 1993.

The clubs we offer have grown and have continued to improve in the quality of provision and we now offer support to over 100 families in the area of the Malvern Hills and Worcester.

In 2012 we became incorporated which means we are now a limited company as well as a charity.  As part of this process we had to close the old charity (1017391) and re-register with the charity commission for England and Wales (1143655), as agreed at the special general meeting on 17th October 2011.  One of the benefits of making this decision is that our trustees now have a limited guarantee for the charity.

As we provide care for children aged 5 we are registered with Ofsted.  We are on both the Early Years Register and both the compulsory and voluntary parts of the Childcare Register. To find out more about inspection and how Ofsted regulates settings like ours for 5-11s at the Poolbrook Centre and at Fort Royal follow this link to the Ofsted website.

We have had two inspections in the past, one for our previously registered playscheme at St Clements Primary School and one at our Poolbrook setting under our registration which ended when we re-registered after incorporating in June 2012.  Both of these inspections resulted in a judgement of ‘outstanding provider’.  Though we run our current clubs and play schemes to the same high standards, none of our current Ofsted registered clubs have been inspected and thus have no Ofsted judgement.